Group Activities for Middle School

How to Be a Friend (GIRL'S GROUP)

Week 1   Group Intro: Rules & Responsibilities
Week 2   Relationships with Peers & Teachers
Week 3   Bullying & Conflict Resolution
Week 4   Harassment
Week 5   Risky Behaviors
Week 6   Group Evaluation
(Adapted from a group designed by Kathleen Quinlan for Asbury Park Intermediate School.)
Some of the information for this group has been copied from Talk With Teens About Feelings, Family, Relationships, and the Future by Jean Sunde Peterson.

Those pages contain a © copyright notice stating in part:
"This page may be photocopied for individual classroom or group work only"

Ms. Peterson is a professor of educational research at Purdue University.   Books by her are available from Amazon.   See a few links to them below.





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